June 4, 2013 – IT’S JUST HUMAN – Have you ever thought about how human Jesus was? He was totally God, but yet totally human. He would get hungry, just like you and I. He would be concerned over certain circumstances, just like you and I, and He would cry. He would get physically tired, just like you and I. I went non-stop this weekend, took Leo to the doctor yesterday in S.A., and the result of my activities hit me today like a ton of bricks – my first ten hour shift, to top it off! I should be at church right now but I can barely keep my eyes open and I am totally exhausted. Jesus understands the things that we face completely because He was human just like you and I. You can go to Him on anything, and everything; the things that you face in all of life. He understands – it’s just human! John 11:35 Jesus wept. (NKJ)