JUNE 12, 2013 – YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER – Do you realize that you have your very own personal trainer and you do not need to pay Him $50 an hour? I was a certified personal trainer for twelve years and there was not a single client that I could not get into shape IF they were willing to work hard, to see change. Jesus is our own personal trainer in all areas of life. He will push you beyond your limits; that’s how you get stronger and see change. Your workout will be different than mine. The Lord will do things to me personally that He will not do to you. He knows what it will take in my life to push me to a higher level. Anyone can get stronger. It just depends on this one thing – How bad do you want it? Want to lose weight and get into shape? Want to keep your mind focused? Want to grow spiritually? God can train you in all these areas but you have to do the workout – no one else can do it for you!  Philippians 2:12b Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (a hard physical workout will actually make you tremble too!)