JUNE 20, 2013 – WHATEVER YOU NEED – Have you ever told someone, “I will do whatever you need?” Those were my words to Ashly this week. We are getting ready for the wedding – getting things ready for the Bride and the Groom! We are the Bride of Christ and our Groom is coming soon. Are you getting ready for Him? There are things that need to be done on this earth before our Groom returns. Are you willing to say, “I will do whatever You need Lord”? I was thinking about that yesterday as I was driving from airports, to train stations, to stores and hotels….you get the picture. Jesus is coming back and things need to be done! You can either step up to the plate and step out in faith or you can choose to sit back and do nothing. Things need to be done and HE will find someone to do them. Will you do whatever HE needs? Luke 12:40 Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.