JULY 4, 2013 – PREPARING TO BURN – Think about this: Whenever you burn something, you must first make preparations; whether you are speaking of a burn pile or even a simple fire in your wood stove. Abraham had to prepare for a burn, and Genesis 22:1-18 tells us all about it. The Lord told Abraham to take his promise and make a burnt offering with it; his son Isaac. Once the Lord told Abraham to do this, he had to then prepare for the burn, and even travel three days before he saw the place ‘afar off’ to where the burning was going to take place. The Lord gives each of us promises and then the Lord will ask us to burn that promise. And from what I have learned, the bigger the promise and the longer the years in the making for that promise, the preparation for the burning takes time. In the same way that Abraham prepared and traveled to the place of the burning, we must also prepare and travel to a very specific place. I can’t tell you what preparations you need to make and tell you the specific place for your burnt offering, but the Lord will. I personally have been preparing to burn and the Lord has shown me the exact place that the burning will take place. Genesis 22:4 Then on the third day Abraham lifted his eyes and saw the place afar off.