JULY 5, 2013 – NO PAIN, NO GAIN – We have all heard of that saying, but there is actually a whole lot of truth to that. When Leo and I were dating we walked in complete purity. I can remember one evening we said our goodbyes out on the porch, he left, and I went inside my home and sat in my recliner. I said to the Lord, “This hurts so much. I am doing everything right Lord, and I am in so much pain. I just don’t get this.” The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me, “When something dies there is pain. When something dies there is hurt. Your flesh is dying.” At that moment I completely understood the pain and at that moment I became very spiritually excited. I knew Leo was God’s will for me because the Lord had given me a vision but I was not grasping how something from God could be so painful in my flesh. The Lord used that situation in my life to teach me how spiritual things from Him are used to kill off our flesh. When we walk in obedience we will feel great fleshly pain but at the same time we will have great spiritual gain. Does your obedience hurt? I know I am an odd sort, but I have learned to love that pain – because I gain Christ! Galatians 5:16 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.