JULY 17, 2013 – MAKE IT A BLESSING – Do you realize that even if you are having a hard day you can make it a blessed day? It’s all in your attitude and what you choose to do during those tough hours. I am doing carpets this whole entire week – 40 hrs of heavy duty work but I am making sure that it’s a blessed week; with the Lord’s help, of course. I listen to worship music for 9 hours a day – that’s a blessing! I go to the park on my break, listen to the doves, and swing – that’s a blessing! I’m getting a full-body workout 9 hours a day – that’s a blessing! But the greatest thing – I am singing praise songs to my Savior in a classroom that is going to be filled with high school students…things are taking place in the spiritual realm, within that classroom! Hey, if a janitor can make it a blessed day, so can you! Tomorrow – Make it a blessing! Psalms 145:2 Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever.