JULY 20, 2013 – DO YOU TREMBLE – When you come before the LORD how do you respond?  Can you physically feel anything happening within yourself? Being in the presence of God should not only touch us spiritually but also mentally and physically. Almighty God should touch every aspect of our being! When you open up the Word, realize that it is alive and active, it accomplishes the work for which He has sent it, and it never returns void! When you begin to pray, realize that you are speaking with the great I AM, and that when you seek Him with all of your heart you will find Him. When you worship, realize that you are worshipping The One that was crucified for you, conquered the grave for you, and that He arose for you!  If you do not tremble at His presence then you are not understanding this, seeing this, or hearing this, just like The Word says. Jeremiah 5:21-22 “Hear this now, O foolish people, without understanding, who have eyes and see not, and who have ears and hear not: Do you not fear Me? Says the LORD. Will you not tremble at My presence?” Tomorrow when you go to worship at your Abba’s house will you not tremble knowing who He is?