JULY 28, 2013 – LITTLE GOAT – Do you realize that not a single detail in your life goes unnoticed by your Abba Father? He cares about you! He cares about every single detail, and nothing is too big for Him to handle and nothing is too small for Him to overlook. The Lord uses animals to minister to me in a very special way. I am a runner, and in a spiritual sense, a cave dweller. Meaning, I love to get away to my own cave by myself – hang out in the country, in the pastures, along the creeks, and run along the highways. Earlier this year, through a set of circumstances, some animals that I used to hang out with were removed from my path. My heart was broken for several weeks, and then, all of a sudden – Little Goat appeared on my path! She was a little baby (at the time) and she lives in a pasture nearby. I now see Little Goat almost every single day. She comes up to the fence and visits with me. I look into her eyes, pet her floppy little ears, and have even had to get her horns out of the fence a few times. Nothing is too small for our Lord, and I love that about Him! He saw a need in my life, that would seem small to the human eye, and He provided. He loves us so much and He is so faithful to us! If you need a Little Goat in your life, meaning you need to be ministered to by Him in a specific way, tell Him – no detail is too small for Him! Psalms 138:8 The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; your mercy, O LORD, endures forever; do not forsake the works of Your hands. (NKJ)