SPETEMBER 1, 2013 – YOUR “SUDDENLY” – Do you know that the word ‘suddenly’ is in The Word of God 72 times? (NKJV) The first time that we see this word ‘suddenly’ is in Genesis 41:2 (Many bible scholars call this ‘The rule of first mention’; the first time we see a word in scripture) So, what is going on in Genesis 41? Pharaoh had a dream and he is standing by a river where seven fat, fine looking cows ‘suddenly’ come up out of the water. God gave Pharaoh this dream, which Joseph later interrupted. God was giving them a heads-up on what was about to happen! God will ‘suddenly’ do things in your life too! Are you ready? Are you paying attention? One definition for suddenly: changing angle or character all at once. God will change things up in your life quicker than a March hare! (Isn’t that an expression??) God can also change your character in the snap of a finger! By the power of His Holy Spirit, He will suddenly break the chains that may be wrapped around you. He will suddenly set you free! He will also suddenly change the course of your life; in a split second. Get Ready – Your Suddenly Is Coming – Very Suddenly! Daniel 10:10 Suddenly, a hand touched me, which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands. (NKJ)