SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 – THE DELIGHTFUL WHEEL – As I walked into work this morning the Lord gave me an answer to something that I been pondering. I was pondering this – “I can’t quite put my finger on how I am feeling Lord. I don’t even know how to describe it.” Meaning, I was walking into work, once again, and I am still here in Harper, TX. You see, I thought that the Lord would have moved us to Florida by now. The Lord immediately showed me a picture in my mind, gave me reasoning behind it, and even gave me a scripture to go with it. This is a little unusual, but the Lord knows how I tick because He created me. This is what I saw – a hamster running on a wheel. The wheel is spinning and spinning and the hamster seems to really enjoy this event. The Lord immediately gave me this verse: Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.(NKJ) I am on that wheel. I am delighting in Jesus every single day, over and over again …and…. the desires of my heart will come in time. He impressed upon my heart, “Keep Delighting!” We are to delight in Him first, before He gives us the desires of our heart. We are to delight in Him for more than a day, more than a week, more than a month, and sometimes we may delight in Him for years and years before we actually see the desires of our heart come to pass. Keep Delighting – First things first!