SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 – TRUST GOD – In what ways do you ‘show’ the Lord your trust in Him? He already knows the level of trust that you have for Him but do you actually do things that ‘show’ Him your trust? I am a big believer that your relationship with the Lord should be very personal, very individualized…..because you are an individual! I am a very visual person and we serve a visual God. Some of God’s visuals are: The Burning Bush, the Flood/a Rainbow, His Whole Creation of Life, Jesus drew in the sand, Jesus filled the nets with fish…just to name a few! The Lord has blessed my personal life with many visuals, directly from Him to me, and I do the same for Him. I believe that our visuals that we give to the Lord bless Him! One thing that I love to do is this – I write “TRUST GOD” in the dirt. I write “TRUST” on the top and then I write “GOD” underneath that, leaving some space between the two words. Then I stand in between these two words “TRUST GOD” and I lift my hands and worship Him. Doing this builds my faith. Doing this builds my trust. Doing this visual connects me to my God in a very individual way! I encourage you – TRUST GOD – and find your own individual way to show Him! Psalms 33:15 He fashions their hearts individually; he considers all their works. (NKJ) Psalms 62:8 Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah (NKJ)