OCTOBER 1, 2013 – TEMPORARILY CLOSED – Are there any areas in your life that seem closed off? Do you have a particular desire in your heart but it seems like nothing is happening? Hannah was faced with this dilemma. She had a desire to have children but nothing was happening. Why? Check this out: 1 Samuel 1:5b ‘Although the LORD had closed her womb.’ And it says it again in verse 6b ‘Because the LORD had closed her womb.’(NKJ) What seemed dead to her was in fact, not dead at all. The Lord closed her womb for a time. Hannah was walking through a barren time. There may be an area in your life that seems barren. You have a particular desire for something to take place in your life but it seems that the Lord has closed it off. Pour out your soul before the Lord just like Hannah did (I Samuel 1:15-16). This area may just be “temporarily closed” – Life is right around the corner! 1 Sam 1:19b-20 “And the LORD remembered her. So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived….” (NKJ) It came to pass in the process of time!