OCTOBER 3, 2013 – MAKE THE TIME – Is there enough time in the day for you to get all the things done that you need to do? A lot of times the answer to that question, for most of us, would be ‘no’. Our schedules become very hectic, very quickly, and before we know it, the day is done! Today at work there was a small group of us huddled in an office (for only 4 minutes….we were not slackin’. I just had morning break.) We were looking at my daily devotionals on my web site. These women were not aware that I do these.  They saw weeks upon weeks of writing. One woman asked me, “How in the world do you have the time to do this?” I told her, “I make the time!” This devotional is something that I have committed to the Lord to do, for this time in my life. There are several other things in my life that I have to make the time to do on a daily basis. Set priorities. Set goals. Set time-frames. Make the time to do the things that you know must be done. It’s actually quite surprising how much we can do in just one day. I believe that Jesus was a very productive man. He made every minute count and so should we. Psalms 62:12 Also to You, O Lord, belongs mercy; for You render to each one according to his work. (NKJ)