NOVEMBER 16, 2013 – TO THE BACK – Have you ever heard something said, and then it just stuck in your mind for days? That happened to me last Sunday. My pastor pointed out that Moses went ‘To the Back of the Desert’ (Exodus 3:1) when God spoke to him through the burning bush. I have been thinking about that all week! God did not just speak to Moses in the desert; he had Moses go ‘to the back’ of the desert before He spoke to him. That may not seem like much of a golden nugget to you, but to me, that’s huge! I love God’s Word and how specific He is with the details of our lives. Maybe you feel like you are in a desert land and you have been walking there for a long time. Well, guess what – Keep walking, because God’s there in the back of your desert and He is going to speak to you! Your desert land is a Holy Land – Exodus 3:5 Then He said, “Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.” (NKJ) Sometimes God has to get you all alone, in the back of the desert (just like He did with Moses), in order to anoint you and to move you forward into the great and mighty works of God!