DECEMBER 24, 2013 – DID YOU KNOW – Are you familiar with the song ‘Mary did you know?’ I love that song and I have been pondering it very intensely these past few weeks. One thing that I do know that Mary knew was that she had to be obedient to her God; to this very specific calling. I believe Mary had an extremely tender heart and yet was as strong as a rock. I believe she had this attitude – I will do as you say Lord, and let the chips fall where they may!(modern day language) My question to you is – Did you know that God’s specific calling on your life was going to lead you to where you are today? God’s path of obedience is not always the easy, carefree path. In fact, God’s path of obedience will often rip you to your core! Mary was ripped to her core as the events in her life began to unfold because of her obedience, but Mary knew her intimate relationship with her Lord and Mary knew that no matter what, her God was faithful!  1Thes 5:24 He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. (NKJ)