JANUARY 26, 2014 – BE A FIREFIGHTER – Do you realize that you are actually a firefighter? You have the power and the authority in Jesus Name to rescue souls from eternal flames of fire! Would you not want to help someone escape flames of fire? You can! So many Christians, I personally believe, walk around in silence because they are under the impression that their own personal testimony doesn’t really matter in the whole scheme of things. “I mean, God’s not going to ‘use me’ to bring others to salvation…that’s the Preachers job! Nobody cares about my testimony.” Wrong! Don’t allow the Ruler of Darkness to speak such lies into your ear. There is a book that has recently been written called ‘Finally Home’ by Tina Reeder. She is a friend of mine in Florida. She was actually married to a firefighter and his life was taken from him on his way to work. He was killed in a wreck. She is using James’ testimony to rescue souls from the flames! I urge you to buy this book. It is a very short read, so you have no excuse. You can find it on amazon.com. Allow the Lord to speak through you and rescue souls out of the flames! Psalms 29:7 The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire.