FEBRUARY 13 – PURE PERFECTION – Is there a certain thing in life that drives you; presses you towards perfection?  Because of my past, walking in purity is the one thing that presses me even closer to my Savior. Walking in purity keeps you from walking with regrets, and I love that! When we walk in complete purity we can look anyone straight in the eye and tell them the honest truth – meaning, all actions/motives that we do are done with a pure heart. All actions/motives that we do are for spiritual reasons. But even greater than that – We can look our Abba Father straight in the eye because our relationship with Him is pure! There is no greater comfort in life than to always walk in purity, hand in hand, with Jesus Christ! Proverbs 22:11 He who loves purity of heart and has grace on his lips, the king will be his friend.