MARCH 12 – YOUR TREE – Have you ever given much thought to “a tree”? I mean, after all, a tree is a tree, right? The LORD appeared to Abraham by the terebinth trees of Mamre (Gen 18) and spoke these words – “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” We also see Elijah being touched by the angel of the LORD while spending time under a broom tree in I Kings 19. Elijah was running for his life and the Lord strengthened him with food which enabled him to journey to the mountain of God, in Horeb. It was on this mountain where Elijah heard the still small voice of the Lord. I have my own personal tree where I worship and pray – its a palm tree by the pond where I run, and the Lord ministers to me under that tree. Spend time under “Your Tree” and listen, because you will hear the still small voice of the Lord when you are truly seeking Him!