MARCH 23 – WORD OF GOD SPEAK – Do you remember this song? It is a song that I will never forget. We had lost our home in Harper and my church family was helping me pack up things and move. Leo was too sick to be there and he had to get a motel room while we moved everything over to our new home. I was strong for most of the morning but when we were almost done I had to take everything out of the icebox…I know, the official word is ‘refrigerator’. As I was about to break down and cry this song came on my cd player – Word of God Speak – And in that moment, everything changed! I played it over and over again as I finished packing up. No matter what you are going through – The Word of God Will Speak – And you will make it through!

Word Of God Speak – MercyMe

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Word Of God Speak by MercyMe