MARCH 31 – BEAUTY IN WILTING – Have you ever seen a wilted flower? I bought flowers several weeks ago and I planted all of them. For five days they were all absolutely beautiful but then wilting took place! Two of them totally and completely wilted..and I mean totally collapsed. They were laying flat on the ground, and they were both originally around eight inches in height. Yep, they were goners! I even talked to the Lord about them. “Lord Your word says that you take care of the lilies. What about these?” I was half-heartily joking with the Lord (Him and I do that….we laugh together) and I wasn’t ‘really’ praying for my flowers. You are never going to believe this one – two days later they totally and completely sprang back up; they were filled with life again!  Have you ever felt wilted in life? We may feel totally and completely collapsed by the circumstances of our lives but don’t lose hope – You will spring back up to life and you will be more beautiful than ever! Matthew 6:28 “Consider the lilies of the filed, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin”…God does it – And God will do it in you!