LOOK BEYOND – Isn’t it amazing what binoculars can do? You can’t see it with your human eyes but as soon as you look into those binoculars – it’s right in front of you! We have a tendency to look at things in life with just our human eyes, and in thus doing, we put limits on God. Do you think that you can walk around not believing something and expect to actually achieve it? You must first truly believe it in order to see it. Then once you see it you can then achieve it! Look beyond the problems to the solutions. Look beyond the obstacles to the opportunities. Look beyond the impossible to the possibilities! Put on your Spiritual Binoculars – It’s right in front of you!!! Numbers 24:4 The utterance of him who hears the words of God, who sees the vision of the Almighty, who falls down, with eyes wide open (NKJ)


We have been in Florida for 5 months now – crazy! I miss Texas and my family but I know that the Lord called us to this place. Leo has a set of new doctors and we are very hopeful for healing! Please keep the ministry that the Lord has called me to in your prayers. Pray for open hearts and open doors. I only want to walk in “His Direction”.  The pornography industry is continuing to grow and women need to be made aware of the traps of the enemy.  Women are watching pornography with their husbands thinking that it is “OK” because it is what their husband wants; they are being deceived. Sex is plastered everywhere and this generation is being lied to in so many ways through the media. Once again, I ask for prayer. Pray that “Fulfilling Love’ will be placed into every woman’s hands that need to learn the truth of the downward spiral of sexual sin, and placed into every marriage that is playing around with fantasies/pornography. There is power in prayer!