Many women believe that they need to spice things up in their sex life. Many women believe that something is missing in their marriage bed and they need to try new things to make their sex life more exciting; these thoughts and desires are leading women to venture into a fantasy world. There are also many men asking their lovers to play fantasy games, and watch pornography with them.

What happens when you open that door to the fantasy world? What happens when fantasies turn into reality? ‘Fulfilling Love – From Sin to Surrender’ is a true story of a woman traveling down a road filled with fantasies in her marriage bed. Stacey Lynn was tricked and deceived in her way of thinking, and she believed the lie that the world was telling her.

 What, at first, did seem to spice things up, soon brought this woman to a place that she never expected to travel to. The dark sexual world led her to the edge of hell, but she was not there all alone. There was a man that traveled with her; He never left her side.

Stacey Lynn takes you on her journey, and she introduces you to this Man that saved her life, and gave her the strength to rise up out of the ashes.