As a pastor I’m always looking for resources that will help bring healing and freedom . Fulfilling Love was recommended to me by a friend in ministry to be a help with those struggling in sexual bondage. This book is great. The author handles the events described in the book very appropriately giving enough detail to understand what is going on without going into Sordid detail. The emphasis is on What The Lord did and How God brought her through to the place of freedom and wholeness. Most importantly the book helps the reader go to the place where God wants us rather than where she has been. For those who are struggling in sexual addictions, wondering how did they get here, or does anyone else struggle with these things, this is a great resource. But again, the book isn’t about leaving the reader in that place but helping them , with God’s help, come to the place of freedom, wholeness and I should add effectiveness.

Pastor Dan

Calvary Church Jupiter Florida


Raised in a protected environment and unaware, this book shook me to my core! I think all women who are trapped in sexual sin and desperately want a way out should read this book. Stacey Lynn makes the reader realize that it is not hopeless and there is victory over this evil. This was an eye-opener for me. Women of all ages and backgrounds will love this book!

Sheila Stokes


Stacey Lynn’s total and complete faith in Jesus Christ makes Fulfilling Love an amazing testament to how He can pull us out of our most dire straits. Women of all walks of life will be able to relate to this book and how God can give us a clean heart, no matter what our sin might be. Any woman who has given in to the temptations of the secular world, whether it be sexual or any other type of addiction, can find spiritual help from Stacey’s story. Each instance of sin is interspersed with Bible verses and frank, sensible teachings to help us see God’s perfect plan for us despite our very human failings. However, I would warn parents who want to share this book with their teenage daughters to please read the book first and then decide if it is suitable, depending upon the maturity level of their daughter. In my mind, this book is first and foremost written for women.



The Lord has given this woman of God specific insight and revelation to be able to share her story in such a powerful way that His heart of immeasurable grace and mercy could be revealed. Thank you for sharing your journey of sin, surrender, forgiveness, and true liberty Stacey Lynn.  Many Blessings!

Angela Davis


Young girls, especially young Christian girls need to hear the truth about sexual sin.  After reading Stacey’s testimony of truth I felt compelled to share it with my small group of high school girls.  Thank you Stacey for speaking boldly and sharing your life so young Christian girls have the truth to fight the deception of the enemy.

Tina Reeder

High School Teacher

Calvary Christian Academy


I am 60 years old and have spent most of my adult life feeling as though I was worthless trash; my childhood confusion.  Jesus guided my path, which brought me to read this enlightening book.  I now have come to the realization that “I was a victim”.

Thank you Stacey for sharing your story.  You have helped me to better understand and to move on.  Thank you Jesus for giving her the courage to write this book.

Peggy F.W.


Stacey Lynn’s amazing willingness to just “tell it like it is”, allowed me to just be honest with my own failings, fears, sins, and worries of a sexual nature.  Her strength and encouragement throughout the book, gave me the courage to take my sins before the Lord and receive God’s forgiveness on a real and personal level.  For example, she defines “sexual sin” and gives clear-cut parameters and advice from biblical principles that answered many questions for me—questions that I could never have asked my pastor on a Sunday morning!

Stacey Lynn put a voice to the countless millions of women who secretly suffer from sexual sin and have no way to discuss deliverance. This book boldly announces that while this topic may not be considered acceptable to discuss in some church settings, our healing Lord and Savior is so loving and interested in us that He is quick to restore us and pull us out of the bondage of sexual sin.  Maybe it is human nature to slink away from this subject, but Stacey Lynn challenges this belief and in fact believes that our precious Jesus heals and forgives even things we consider “unspeakable”.  There is true deliverance in our sweet Jesus!  Not only does He forgive us but restores our hearts, heals our minds, and allows us to no longer be slaves to sin.  Hallelujah!

Karyn Ellebracht